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Surgical instrument for minimally invasive cure to trigger finger or trigger thumb. Double Guide-type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument


What’s “Trigger finger” or “trigger thumb” ?

Inflammation between flexor tendon and ligamentous tendon sheath at the base of finger leads to tendon sheath inflammation,
which hampers smooth tendon motion inside sheath and causes pain, tumor or heat sensation on base of finger.
If this symptom progresses, snapping phenomenon occurs which is called “trigger finger” and further progression ends up in rigid finger.
Symptom of trigger finger is likely to appear significantly in the morning and is alleviated in the daytime as you use your fingers.



What are causes of trigger finger ? :

Overuse of fingers, rheumatism, diabetes, ganglion or dialysis patients are considered to be risk factors of trigger finger.

What  is diagnostic approach to trigger finger ?

Trigger finger can easily be diagnosed by doctors if swelling or pain at the base of fingers, or clicking or snapping noise in finger movement are recognized.

How to cure trigger finger ?

Conservative treatments include resting of affected area, medication or local steroid injection.

If any one of these treatments do not improve the symptom, surgery to open tendon sheath is implemented.



Double Guide-type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument is quite effective for tendon sheath incision surgery.

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Difference and comparison between conventional tendon sheath incision methods and method using our incision instrument.

conventional tendon sheath incision method A poor poor very good very good
conventional tendon sheath incision method B very good very good fair poor
conventional tendon sheath incision method C fair fair fair very good
method using our tendon sheath incision instrument very good very good very good very good

Features of our Double Guide-type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument

  • Substantializes surgery with only 2mm of incision (low invasiveness), compared to conventional methods require 15mm – 20mm of incision.
  • Minor incision size shortens dressing period to about just one day from conventional 10 days.
  • Use of double guide tools tremendously enhances safeness in surgery.

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