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Double Guide-type Tendon Sheath Incision Instrument


image001The “guide block” is used in combination with the sheath guide.
The slit on the arm of this device helps guide an inserted needle tip to move along the groove of the sheath guide.

Name Guide Block
Material Titanium Alloy
Weight (g) 32
Size (mm) 59 X 20 X 12


image003The “needle holder” steadies an 18-gauge needle, which then cuts the tendon sheath.

Name Needle Holder
Material Titanium Alloy
Weight (g) 11
Size (mm) 37 X 20 X 6


image005Before inserting the sheath guide, we use this “dissector” to puncture the tendon sheath.

Name Dissector
Material Stainless Steel
Weight (g) 15
Size (mm) φ16 X 120


image007It is called the “sheath guide” and is inserted into the tendon sheath.
It both protects the tendon and prohibits dislocation of the cutting needle tip.

Name Sheath Guide L
Material Stainless Steel
Weight (g) 11
Size (mm) φ16 X 98
Name Sheath Guide S
Material Stainless Steel
Weight (g) 10
Size (mm) φ16 X 94


This product is unsterilized and reusable. Make sure to sterilize before use.

Recommended method and condition of sterilization

  • sterilization method
    autoclaved sterilization
  • sterilization condition
    1. temperature 120℃ (for 20min. or more)
    2. temperature 132 – 134℃ (for 5min. or more)

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